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Adding Forms to Your Website

Hey there, I wanted to create another free competition on my website so I had to bite the bullet and develop a working form. So I’ve finally broken through the mental barrier of working with forms for my website. I thought I’d share some lessons learnt. Yes, you do need to be able to read […]

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The Value of the Newsletter

Hey there, As many of you know I send out a lovely free monthly and specials newsletter show casing my latest designs, market news and the ever popular Sea Change article. The newsletter lets us stay in contact with each other, letting you forward it on to friends and families ( a great way to […]

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Hello for the first time!

Hello! I thought it was about time I took the leap into the world of blogs so we can expand the Creatively Belle community and create a new way to communicate with each other. So this blog will be about jewellery design and having a small business along with undoubtedly a host of other ramblings. […]

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