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Understanding Meta Tags

There seems to be two camps of people when it comes to websites – those who are using them and building their skills with them and those who are spooked by them – or rather the technology – and are missing out on the business opportunities websites can provide. I want to take away some […]

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The Value Of Tenacity

Tenacity is one of my favourite words. When I was a contract IT technical writer my clients would describe me as tenacious. This was because I understood that I was about 56th on the priority list of my sources of technical information for the documents I was contracted to write. So I just stuck at […]

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Going With The Flow- Part 2

This month’s article is simply about lessons learnt about having your C:drive wiped out by a nasty virus. I thought I was being rather smart about protecting the contents of my computer. I have two drives – C: drive for applications and a physically separate drive – D: drive – for my data (documents, images, […]

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