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Encased Glass Lampwork Beaded Jewelry Cottage Industry

Hey there, Encased Glass Lampwork Bead making has traditionally been a cottage based industry in the Bohemian region of the Czech Republic where knowledge and skills were handed down through the family, from generation to generation. Even in the age of factories work is still handed out to families for the tradition skills and benefits […]

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Catherine Popesco of La Vie Parisienne $10 Off Sale

We have for a limited time the ever popular $10 Off Catherine Popesco of La Vie Parisienne Online Sale! Let us tell you when the $10 Off Catherine Popesco of La Vie Parisienne Online Sale is on with our sale alert email. Enter your details Online. We also have our special sale with up to 40% […]

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The Difference Between Bohemian and Czech Glass Beads

Hey there, So what is the difference between Bohemian and Czech glass beads? None at all. It all comes down to the history of the region and how the region’s name changed after WWI. Bohemian beads are Czech beads. Before 1918 the area now known as the Czech Republic was called Bohemia. Now days the […]

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The Story Behind Handmade Lampwork Beads

Hey there, The heritage of Creatively Belle handmade lampwork beads is really the heritage of Bohemia. For 300 years the world’s greatest makers of costume jewelry have hidden, anonymously, in the heart of Europe; Gablonz, Bohemia (now the Czech Republic). Bohemian glass dynasties lasted for centuries, until the middle of the 20th century, when the entire community of […]

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Floating Heart Necklace with Matching Drop Earrings

Hey there, We often also use the Czech press glass beads in our floating necklace designs. As common to all Bohemian glass work, the light capturing quality of these beads is one of the main attractions. In the 18th century the Bohemians wanted to break their way into the French Chandelier market. As necessity is […]

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Getting the most out of your gold earrings

Hey there, We love buying or being given beautiful earrings so we can enjoy their magic but the trick is we don’t get to see our beautiful earring collection when we’re wearing them (!!). And when they are stuffed away in some jewelry box we certainly don’t see them. So to best show off your […]

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Tuscany Inspired Gold Earrings

Hey there, Working with handmade Czech glass beads to make beautiful beaded jewelry is a wonderful way to bring beauty into daily life. Take for example these wonderful gold earrings with the Italian Tuscany inspired design, they are light to wear and gather compliments every time they are worn. I love making matching beaded necklace […]

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Blue Dragonfly Delight with Dragonfly Jewelry and Earring Holder

Hey there, This Blue Dragonfly design by Catherine Popesco of La Vie Parisienne is a timeless piece of Art Nouveau. Dragonflies are traditionally the harbingers of Positive Change. Dragonfly jewelry is always popular and much sort after but even more so when it is made with the quality and love of Catherine Popesco of La […]

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