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New Natural Red Coral Jewelry in Silver Designs

Just arrived! Stunning Natural Red Coral in Sterling Silver Jewelry designs online now – earrings with matching pendant! This is a bigger view of the earrings than how they are in reality. They are flat and vibrant. Gemstone jewelry makes great unique gift ideas and come in gift bags ready for present giving. Come shop […]

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7 Powers of Amethyst Gemstone Jewelry

Amethyst is a powerful ad protective gemstone crystal that is highly valued for mediation and healing practices. Amethysts are the birthstone for February and the wedding anniversary gemstone for 33rd wedding anniversary. Seven powers of amethyst crystal gem stone jewelry: 1. a protective gem stone that protects against negative energies by turning them into positive […]

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Creative Spirits Inspiring Gemstone Necklaces

I went to a party the other night where everyone has a creative business. It was one of the best parties I’ve ever been to. I’d tagged along with a friend and only new her and her family there but everyone had already heard of me as ‘Julie’s jewelry friend from the city’. It was […]

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What are the American State Gemstones?

Each USA state has a stunning gem stone for a state emblem. Here is the alphabetical list of states and their gemstones: Alabama is star blue quartz Alaska is jade Arizona is turquoise – naturally! Arkansas is diamond California is benitoite Colorado is aquamarine Connecticut is garnet Florida is moonstone for the 1969 moon landings […]

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What are the Anniversary Gemstones?

The wedding anniversary gem stones are given to celebrate special wedding anniversaries. The modern list of wedding anniversary gem stones is: 10th Diamond 12th Pearls and colored gems 30th Diamond 33rd Amethyst 34th Opal 35th Jade 38th Neryl or Tourmaline 40th Ruby 45th Sapphire 55th Emerald 60th Diamond The traditional list of wedding anniversary gemstones […]

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What are the Birthstone Gems for each month?

I’m often asked what are the gem stones for the birthday months as they make great gift ideas. So to keep life simple here’s the list for you. Gemstones for Birthstones List: January is Garnet February is Amethyst March is Aquamarine April is Diamond May is Emerald June is Pearl or Moonstone July is Ruby […]

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Attention Jewelry Lovers! It's Jewel Day 13th March!

International Jewel Day is Thursday 13th March! It is the perfect excuse for getting that charming little piece (or big piece as it may be) and celebrating the beauty of the light within the jewel! So make an otherwise boring Thursday into something special by marking 13th March 2008 Jewel Day! Jewels can be bought […]

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What is the birthstone for March?

For March birthdays the gemstone is Aquamarine – a beautiful blue gem stone that is usually set in gold. The name comes from the seawater color of the gemstone and today it is the lighter bluer that is popular. The healing crystal properties for aquamarine are for courage, reducing stress, helping with communication both in […]

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Gem stone Jewelry for Online Sale Shopping from Home

Come see our beautiful new designs for gemstone jewelry online. The sterling silver gem stone jewelry comes with free gift wrapping so makes great gift ideas as well as something special for yourself. Many of the pieces are gem stone jewelry one of a kind designs so first one in is best dressed! You can […]

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