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Catherine Popesco Designs

Hey there, Catherine Popesco is a wonderful French jewellery designer with earrings, brooches and pins and necklaces. Catherine is rediscovering the golden period of Art Nouveau and Art Deco by reinvigorating original molds and stampings designed in the early 20th century. The discovery by Catherine Popesco of displays of antique stamped jewelry in the Marais […]

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Thank Goodness Anything Goes in Fashion!

Hey there, I was looking in some of the shops at the colours for the new season and found them to be really flat and dull and thought “Thank goodness anything goes in fashion now days”. At least now if you don’t like what the general shops are offering you have the freedom to create […]

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Wedding Jewellery Designs

Hey there, Having just the right jewellery for your wedding is so important. A tip with Wedding Jewellery is to keep it simple – let the entire visual presentation give the impression. You can find ideal jewellery anywhere but if you want something just right, custom made for your special day it can be best […]

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Finding Balance in Design

Hey there, Finding balance in a design, especially for bigger pieces such as necklaces, makes all the difference to whether a piece works or not. I use to expect to be able to design in perfect balance immediately but I’ve learnt that I usually have to fiddle around with the design a little and be […]

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Inspiration – Where is it?

Hey there, Sometimes I find having to create a new design just too challenging and I don’t have the inspiration for it. I sit there struggling and I’ve learnt to just go with the flow and leave the creative exercise aside. Instead I work on the regular designs that need updating and some attention of […]

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What Matters When Designing Jewelry

Hey there,  I don’t talk or write too much about designing because I feel that when I do I get a little too carried away with it and unless you know what it is like to be caught up in the flow of creating then you’ll find me a little obsessive.  Whether I’m obsessive or not […]

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