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Be Bold for Change - Write down what you think is bold for you

How to Get Bold Results When You Want a Richer Life

I’ve been realising this year the power of focusing on what I want and being bold in going after it and it’s giving me faith that it is possible to change my financial situation for the better by doing more of what I love, making art, and I want to share the money. The secret […]

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It's OK to stuff up, it's not OK to only dream it Be Bold For Change inspirational qupte

5 Tips for Making that Dream Happen, Stuff Ups and All

How much do you beat yourself up for stuffing things up? Most of us have this negative sound loop playing when we make mistakes that easily knocks the crap out of us. But I think it’s a heap worse to have a bundle of life enhancing dreams go flying by simply because of the stuffing […]

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When you realise you're completely done with the faking

I wasn’t faking it, seriously!

It took a while for me to realise I wasn’t faking it, I was actually making it. That old saying of “fake it until you make it” has its uses, especially when you’re starting out on a path that really matters to you. Fake It Until You Make It As is so often is the […]

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