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10 Top Tips for Your Money Making Internet Marketing Strategy

Having an internet marketing strategy will put you miles ahead of the pack who are jumping from one half baked idea to the next. So here is how to get your strategy together and implement your plans for success.

1. Do an internet marketing course that identifies all the different marketing activities and teaches you what to do successfully. I did this and found it a great way to get it all clear in my head. I would also recommend a course that gives you internet marketing samples to edit for your own purposes. This has been one of the biggest advantages to me with the course I did.

By starting with the big picture you know what you are doing and how you are going to do it.

2. Figure out an internet marketing strategy; this is made up of learning, research and seeing what would work with your business. A strategy is the big picture view that looks across the board at what you want to achieve, what you define as being successful and how you are going to do it. By the time you have finished an internet marketing course you should have a good handle on what your strategy is going to be – how you are going to achieve what you want.

3. Identify what internet marketing tactics you want to include in your plan of attack. Your strategy will be made up of at least 10 marketing tactics that will all work together for the best financial results. From all the different tactics available define what you want to go with and how they will work together.

4. List the internet marketing activities in the order of importance. This will give you your starting point. From here you know which ones to work on, when and how often. This will be different for each business and how long they take to grow. It should be a balance between immediate returns and long term results.

5. Set yourself a series of goals and time frames for getting the marketing activities done. This is the practical side of your internet marketing plan. Here you break down the tasks involved in each marketing activity so you can see how long it will take for you to do, taking into account your available time and resources, and when you want what done by.

I work on a 3, 6 and 12 month basis with key selling times in mind. So if I want to be getting results from an initiative in time for Christmas I need to have it started at least in July so results start happening by October. This gives momentum an opportunity to build and me time to keep adding and growing. Have a look at what you want and the dates involved for your plan.

6. Keep all the related information in a folder so you can access it easily and keep on track. I always have a busy desk and find it so much easier to use folders to keep information together so I can go to it quickly and have more working space. This includes articles I have printed off the web or cut out from magazines, notes from ideas that have been scribbled down as they came to me, timetable outline for plans, research material and lists of key words.

7. Start an internet marketing plan diary. This is so you can plan and track efforts. I started one this year and found it really useful. Included are reminders when to update classified ads, when to check results from initiatives, newsletter sending out dates, all manner of internet marketing activities so I remember to do and can also track what I have done. This lets me see what has worked and what has not in a methodical manner. I can also compare it against sales and traffic numbers.

8. Consistency is the key to success. The results come from regularly over a period of time doing the actions you have set out in the plan. Most people fail at this point because they do not see rewards quickly enough and give up. Whereas the winners see initial results as signs of better things to come and keep at it, often refining and improving as they learn, as they progress. It is through keeping at something that you get the accumulative effects and benefits.

9. Participate in a few internet marketing forums as you will get great ideas, support, the opportunity to review material, and new doors will open for you. Being part of community will bring more benefits to you than being isolated and working alone. Sometimes it is the smallest suggestion from someone else that opens vast vistas of ideas and creativity in you.

10. Continue your education. The internet is constantly changing and bringing new opportunities all the time. By continuing to learn and find new ways to do things you will stay at the forefront where you want to be.

 All the best!


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