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1000 Glass Beads is Glorious

Last night I was looking through “1000 Glass Beads – Innovation and Imagination in Contemporary Glass Beadmaking” by Lark Books (2204) and I remembered all over again why I fell in love with the book and just HAD TO HAVE IT.

1000 Glass Beads is a visual delight that inspires, captivates, intrigues and delights the visual soul. To think that these beautiful creations are small and contain so much detail.

I was captivated at age 19 with Czech lampwork glass beads and have remained so -  my business is based around them and I love it. I find the current tread for artisan contemporary lampwork beads just a intriguing.

This wonderful book covers artistians like Jane Praxel, the humourous Sara Sally LaGrand, Amy Trescott, Emiko Sawamoto, Carolyn Noga, Constance Paulding, Nancy Pilgrim, Karen Wolffis, Inara Knight, Karen Moyer, Priscilla Turner Spada, Shirley Cook, Lisa St. Martin and Brian Kerkvliet to mention only a few very talented people being showcased.

Lark is publishing a range of stunning and must have books about creative and artistic topics, everything from beads to shoes to necklaces and more.

So happy exploring!

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