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12 Trade Show Display Booth Checklist Points for Success

Making a success of a trade show exhibit has little to do with the size of your business – success is relative. What is surprising for many is the similarities between having a large expo exhibit and a small display stand.

Whether you’re a small or big exhibitor with a portable trade show display or a custom trade show exhibit there are shared reasons for exhibiting and the outcomes you want. Here are 14 shared reasons and considerations:

All exhibitors want to:
1.  increase sales
2.  promote new product lines
3.  raise the profile of the business
4.  increase market share – get more sales from your competitors

All exhibitors want to attract and bring more qualified visitors including:
1.  existing and valued customers
2.  attract potential new customers
3.  other business opportunities to cross promote products through mutually advantage programs – network with other businesses where you can both benefit each other to grow the business

When it comes to the trade show exhibit all exbititors need to decide:
1.  the trade show display layout
2.  expo display products and services to be showcased
3.  trade show display unit components
4.  trade show marketing materials such as flyers, business cards, brochures, samples and price lists
5.  trade show promotions and giveaways like pens, lollies and candy, marketing toys, branded carry bags
6.  staffing and managing of the expo stand with a roster
7.  expo setup and packup methods so it is fast and as easy as possible

So to make your trade show exhibit rental and costs more than worthwhile go through all these points for how you are going cover them off successfully for your business.

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