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2nd Online Shopping Tip for Christmas

Make yours a handmade Christmas with Creatively BelleThe second online shopping tip in our weekly series of 5 tips for Christmas shopping online is:

Order Early

Give extra time for the postal service to deliver as it is the busiest time of the year and with more online shopping parcels in the post there’s more to deliver.

There’s more than 5 times the normal amount of parcels and cards in the post in the two weeks before Christmas and it’s a constant building up process from the end of November.

So get organised and get in early on your online Christmas shopping and you’ll find it all a great deal easier. Plus, many online retailers will have sales and special offers for your from the end of October through November to entire early shopping. This makes it cheaper for you and easier for them to meet the shopping demands.

Leaving it to the week before Christmas is a risky business and likely to cost more for an additional service such as Express Post for deliveries within Australia. If you’re ordering from overseas you need to get your online orders in by the end of November to be confident of delivery by Christmas or pay extra to be sure of it being in time.

While the online retailers and postal service can’t be responsible for late shopping choices the upside of a late Christmas delivery is the extension of the fun present giving of Christmas – it’s always fun getting a much sort after present!

So be ready to get your online shopping done from October through to early December for local online shops and by the end of November for international online stores.

Next week we have the 3rd Tip for Online Christmas Shopping and it is….

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