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4th Online Shopping Tip for Christmas

Online Christmas Shopping for handcrafted jewelleryThe fourth online shopping tip in our weekly series of 5 tips for Christmas shopping online is:

Check the Returns Policy

Check the returns policy of the online shop to be sure you are covered for returns and what their policy is. Usually the initial postage is not refunded as it is already spent and generally only the corporate retailers will cover your return costs as small businesses have smaller margins.

But returns are covered by the local state office of fair trading generally for goods that are not what they were presented as being. Generally (varies from state to state) if the wrong choice was made by the consumer, the shopper then it is their responsibility, not the retailers.

It is the retailer’s choice whether to exchange or refund. Faulty goods are covered.

Many online retailers offer optional insurance for coverage for loss or damage of items in transit and this can easily help resolve any additional issues as well.

While you’re checking the returns policy also have a look for the contact information for where the online retailer is based so you have an idea of how far your items are traveling. We have customers who are surprised we’re in Australia, even though our shopping cart is in Australian dollars, our contact information and markets details show’s we’re in Sydney and the blog, Facebook and Twitter show we’re in Sydney. If you have a look at an online store you’ll generally find lots of information about them.

Next week we have the final Tip for Online Christmas Shopping and it is….

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