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5 Online Shopping Tips for Christmas

Click here for the earring holder rangeWith the Christmas shopping season arriving we’re going to help you out with an online shopping tip each week in a series of 5 tips for Christmas shopping online.

While online shopping at Christmas can save you from the crowded shopping centres and packed car parks it’s a lot easier when you know what the tricks of the trade are. So we thought a helping hand at Christmas would be ideal.

The first shopping online tip is:

Parcel Delivery Notices are the Weakest Link

If the post office tries to deliver your parcel to your home address while you’re out they’ll leave a delivery notice card. This card is the weakest link in the system as it gets blown away, caught up in other papers, lost in any manner of ways.

So while you’re waiting and waiting for your online shopping to arrive the parcel is waiting and waiting for you to collect it.

The next tricky point to having to collect the parcel from the post office is going to the right local post office. What you would take to be your logical local post office may not be what Australia Post considers to be your local post office.

Some posties leave parcels at the back door so be sure to check there too. We had one customer furious with us for her parcel not arriving, sending rude, nasty emails making horrible accusations. It went on for weeks. The post office said the parcel was delivered and it was out of their hands. Finally I received a terse email about 2 weeks after the expected delivery date saying she’d found the parcel by the back door and had only just discovered it because they don’t go out the back very often. The parcel had been sent off promptly sent off and delivered – just not found.

While I’ve never had a parcel completely lost by the post office I have had them returned for non-collection and delayed in being collected by the online shopper because the post office is holding them at a different post office outlet. Finding out where your post office will hold parcels for you will make it a lot easier to get fast delivery.

Remember when dealing with any one that good manners make a world of difference. Some customers think being rude, insulting and offensive will get them the best results when in reality it just belittles them and makes them ‘difficult customers’. The best results come to the customers seeking to find out what’s happening with good will and good manners.

Next week we have the 2nd Tip for Online Christmas Shopping and it is….

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