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5 Things I Love About Having My Own Creative Business

After a rough few months with my little creative business I’ve had to take a serious look at what I love about this alternative life of mine. With my living primarily made from an outside market, 14 weekends of bad weather that is unprecedented in all the years I’ve done markets (and I started in 2001) my little business took a pounding. This left me feeling beaten up, drained, fearful and questioning what I’m doing.

Thankfully the weather has settled down a bit and we’re back to getting some normal trading days back (singing Hallelujah LOUDLY!!) I have a half way decent chance of catching up.

Those questions I’ve been asking myself about the realities of the business, what I want in life, where are my vulnerabilities and how can I change these risks climate change and popular politics are bringing have been really empowering for me. I’m really clear on my love and passion for what I do.  So I thought I’d share what I love about it all.

Beloved Bunny brooch by Belinda Stinson in blue and white ceramic jewellery Creatively Belle

Based on my much loved soft toy Bunny

5 Things I Love About Having My Own Creative Business

Here are five wonderful things I love about my life:

1. I get to make every day creative

Every day of the week I get to do something creative, and if I don’t, that’s down to me. I am fully justified in having creative time and that is really satisfying.

It can take some discipline some days to settle down to it but then I can also justify day dreaming time too – just all in moderation!

My creative time can cover everything from writing to clay work to designing to painting to anything I define as creative. I think that’s rather cool.

How to Start the Year Working on Goals

When setting your goals be clear about what you want in your life

2. Being part of a creative community is something I love

For years in my old corporate life I often felt like I didn’t quite fit. I worked with some really good, caring, intelligent and decent people but I was one of those square pegs in a round hole.

Now I fit where I am in the world. I think this also has something to do with age and the supposed getting of wisdom; I’m far more accepting of myself and I understand my own personal and professional values.

That I fit within a creative community is wonderful, we’re all a bit odd, a bit quirky and we can see that in each other. We range from conservative (Australian conservative rather than American conservative) through to passionate greenies, most are pretty intelligent and the majority are very accepting of differences. I think this is all rather healthy really.

3. Creativity is valued within our societies

I’ve come to understand that creativity is a far broader term than most of us give ourselves credit for. We seem to put creativity on some high and narrow pedestal that we don’t fit on while all the while we’re inspired by all manner of different creative expressions.

I see this all the time at market and it fascinates me. If a person doesn’t have an ounce of creativity within them how could they possibly recognise it all around them at market with us makers? Everyone who can see it has it. To me this is a really simple equation but I think that’s because I’m around it so much.

And that is where I think the difference is, I make every day creative by what I do, who I’m around, what I read, figuring out challenges and new skills, what I tell myself and the values I’ve chosen for myself.

If you daily life is full of things that don’t spark your own personal creativity then you’re not in regular touch with it. This is bound to influence your own inner talk about your creativity.

This is why I think that if you choose to make every day creative, even in little ways when you can grab a few moments for the paths to your own creativity, life is better.

Cat necklace ceramic jewellery by Creatively Belle at The Rocks Markets in Sydney

Much Love Cat

4. I have the perfect excuse to buy art supplies

OK, as a small (micro) business cash flow isn’t always easy and my clothes budget reflects this but I do justify to myself that I can buy more art supplies because I use them in my design processes. I love that. It gives me a lot of pleasure.

I love playing with my paints, resorting them, putting the colours in different orders, experimenting with ideas and designs; all of it is heaven to me.

5. My days are varied but I still do have routines

This variety mixed with routine is very satisfying. I have two days at market every week and they are long, hectic, social days that involve a lot of talking and being around others with all my work around me.

Then I have five days for everything else. I am learning about taking a day off each week – a normal lesson for any small business owner making their living from what they love. Every day you think about something work related, even on holidays. The intensity and amount of time spent on it just varies.

There are certain things I need to get done every week and they are best achieved when fitted into a routine, so I have my times for knocking administrative things on the head as well as the general daily life activities like washing and grocery shopping.

I need to do a certain amount of making every week, as well as designing and painting and it is entirely possible for an entire week to zoom past with just normal stuff happening.

Being sure I get to exhibitions and events can mean I have to plan for it.

I’ve also had to make sure I include learning time, space to keep developing skills for my business and art.

If my days were all same same then I think I’d go nuts. I’d certainly have a bundle of negative self talk going on about it and life passing me by but I think that was a big motivator for me to make the move to this creative life I’m now living.

Making Me More Determined Than Ever

So all the turmoil has me more determined than ever to ensure my little creative enterprise flourishes. I’m working on new designs, expanding the online ceramic jewellery store, learnt new photography skills, designing entirely new product ranges and growing my social media presence with getting Creatively Belle onto Instagram.

All because I want to keep living this creative life that I love so much, irrespective of what climate change and international politics are doing! Ha! So if I can do it you can too.

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