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5 Ways to Show Your Clients that You Understand Them

Handcrafted artisan ceramic necklaces by Creatively Belle

Unique Gifts

When you have your own business it comes through very quickly just how important your treasured clients are and how true the 80/20 rule is.

So showing the 20% of your clients who generate 80% of your income your appreciation is obviously an important way to nurture these relationships. The tricky part is just how to do it. The usual bottle of wine or department store hamper has been done before and they’re bound to get them again this year from the other run of the mill business.

And then what about staff and supporter gifts for those who help you bring your dreams into reality? How do you want to show your appreciation for their care and efforts? Depending on the size of your team you might be looking at what works for a big group or just for a few individuals.

Finding Unique Client Gifts

The secret with these important client gifts is it doesn’t need to be a big showy expensive gift, in fact they’re use to that but what really makes the impact is the thoughtful gift, the one that shows you understand them as individuals, that you’re doing business person to person and have listen to them through out the year. Now if you’re thinking that’s hard to do well you’re right if you’re thinking along the usually lines bit when you start looking at things from a different angle, a different source, then the possibilities open up.

Usually these gifts are created by individuals too, by artisans and artists, creators and makers, those who are treading a different path in life. The success of what you’re doing is based on the relationships you form with your clients and supporters, those that make it possible for you to do what you love. So extend the idea and look to those who are local to you too, those who are doing something independent and different.

5 Great Gift Ideas

So here are five great ideas to get you thinking, you might want to do just one or maybe a combination of them:

Unique Client Gift Idea #1

Commission an artwork that represents your business from a local artist that can be framed. Say for example you have an owl in your logo or regular online iconography then have a captivating painting done of your icon/logo that would be great for to hang in the office or home – a lovely constant reminder of you and your business that isn’t all promotional. From the painting you can make prints that you can frame, use it in thank you cards as well as online. Want a hint on where to find an artist who won’t charge an arm and leg but will do wonderful work? Check out your local artisan markets like The Rocks Markets in Sydney or Salamanca Markets in Hobart as artists making their living from their work are in abundance in such communities.

Unique Client Gift Idea #2

Surprise them with a thoughtful artisan gift that reflects your values for originality, creativity and quality. I’ve learnt from my customers who are buying their thank you gifts that sometimes they want all the same designs in colour and form, other times they want to pick out a range of colours and styles – it all depends on what they want for who. The key is in finding something different that’s been made with love and with quality. And these gifts can be under $40 each and bulk discounts apply. Take a lead from these clever creatures and get the pendants with a ribbon on them so they can be given as a hanging decoration and later converted into a necklace so they work for both women and men.

Unique Client Gift Idea #3

Celebrate originality, authenticity, creativity and make it your trade mark by Belinda Stinson inspiring quote

Make every day creative – it’s your choice

Give them a bonus gift of your services or products that is only for meeting their specific needs and interests. This can be done in conjunction with a physical present or event. Just be focused on making it about what they need to grow their business – on what they want to achieve.

Unique Client Gift Idea #4

Put of a movie event at a local independent cinema and collaborate with a charity close to your heart with your business making the donation. These can be great events for bringing together clients and your team, especially if you make it a family movie, the type that adults enjoy too. Don’t ask them to donate to the charity but leave it open so that they can if they want – the trick is giving for giving sake and getting the message of the charity out to a wider audience. Local independent cinemas will usually have an option for a special group showing of a film.  Going with an independent cinema will show your clients how your values about small business aligns with who you’re backing. And it’s a great way to show your support for family life too.

Unique Client Gift Idea #5

Sponsor an animal for them at the local wildlife sanctuary. Taronga Zoo has a program whereby you can sponsor individual animals and there are different categories and price points. So if you know your client just loves platypuses then what about sponsoring one of their favourite creatures? This isn’t the cheapest option here but if you have a client who is mad about a particular animal wouldn’t they be delighted to see their name up on a plaque showing their love and support for research and protection for them?

Finding Great Gratitude Gifts is Easier Than You Think

Finding the right gift to show your gratitude is easier than we often fear it to be. Walk around your local artisan market one weekend and look for ideas and possibilities, you’ll come up with much more interesting and creative results than if you do the same thing at a Westfields centre. And it’s loads more fun!

Share What Works

Got some great gift ideas that’s worked for you? Share them below in the comments or on Facebook.

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