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5th Online Shopping Tip for Christmas

Click here for our drop earrings collectionWe hope you’ve enjoyed our Christmas online shopping tips and you’re loving having great finds delivered right to your door!

The final online shopping tip in our weekly series of 5 tips for Christmas shopping online is:

Be the First to Know About Sales and Special Offers

Sign up to your favourite online retailers email newsletters, join them on Facebook and Twitter so you’re the first to know about special offers and sales. Some will have regular sales with product updates while others will only have the occasional special event sale.

Generally the email newsletters will have more specific information about the sales and any special promotions like online competitions and readers only offers. While Facebook, Twitter and other social media profiles are great for quick updates.

Sale websites and email newsletters will also let you know about brand name sales as well as individual creative designer sales. These sales news websites, blogs and online women’s magazines are great for keeping up to date with what’s happening and fun.

Online shopping and fashion forums will also have shout outs about sales and special offers and are great to keep track of.

So keep yourself informed, enjoy the offers and find something creative and different to what’s in the run of the mill chain stores – why be like the mob when you can show you’re own individuality by getting great treasures from independent creative online stores?

Have a great Christmas and enjoy the time out with friends and family!

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