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7 Gift Ideas for the Jewelry Lover in Your Life

We all have them – those wonderful people who just love jewelry in our life! It can be hard knowing exactly what piece of jewelry they want but you still have a present time coming up and need ideas for gifts with them that will hit the spot. So here are 7 ideas to get you going:

1. earring holder – a great way to show off best loved earrings so it is easier to pick a pair out to wear while getting to see them more often and enjoying them even more. Jewelry display stands always make great gift ideas because you can have a collection of them so you can theme your earrings too.

2. jewelry roll – also known as a jewelry organizer, these are simply perfect for weekend getaways, work travel, holidays and even going to the gym. They come from every simply designs to creations of beauty with beaded butterflies in gardens.

3. ring stand – an elegant and stylish way to show off rings and enjoy them even more. For those of us who love rings you never have enough fingers for all your rings so a ring display holder is such a perfect solution.

4. necklace stand – another jewelry display idea that usually also carries bracelets as well and is always a great hit. They range from frilly through to wire elegance to sculptured figures. It is great to create a jewelry display design that incorporates co-ordinated necklace and earring stands so making the choice what to wear is so much easier and faster.

5. jewelry box – a traditional and much loved jewelry accessory. My personal loved ones are the Tiffany jewelry boxes but that is showing my love for handmade glass and glass jewelry itself.

6. a book about the style of jewelry they love – there are so many quality books available with stunning photographs of truly beautiful jewelry creations with information about the jewelry designers and stories about individual famous pieces of jewelry.

7. gift voucher for the jewelry store they love – you might find picking out an individual piece of jewelry or jewelry set of earrings, necklaces and bracelet a big challenge so a gift voucher is a great way to give the jewelry while giving the gift of choice too. It is always more fun to receive a gift with a gift voucher all wrapped up so one of the above ideas perfectly compliments the gift voucher.

With this list of gift ideas for jewelry lovers you will be able to get through multiple present giving seasons while also getting the praise for being the best one with picking out presents! So make life easy for yourself and get something she will love.

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