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7 Powers of Amethyst Gemstone Jewelry

Amethyst is a powerful ad protective gemstone crystal that is highly valued for mediation and healing practices.

Amethysts are the birthstone for February and the wedding anniversary gemstone for 33rd wedding anniversary.

Seven powers of amethyst crystal gem stone jewelry:

1. a protective gem stone that protects against negative energies by turning them into positive forces.

2. popular for mediation as it enhances higher states of consciousness

3. a calming and soothing stone for bringing peace

4. helps with finding and keeping focus both in daily life and in mediation so is also very good for making decisions

5. a great crystal also for memory and motivation which is good for dream analysis and setting and achieving goals

6. brings balance into life by evening out emotional ups and downs, letting go of negative feelings like anger, fear, aggression and sadness and grief.

7. encourages self acceptance, love and inner peace and makes for a positive and healing stone.

Amethyst and Sterling Silver Dragonfly Pendant JewelleryThis beautiful Amethyst Gemstone in Sterling Silver Dragonfly pendant is stunning and makes a great Mother’s Day gift.

Amethyst makes for a great gemstone for jewelry as it is so positive and healthy for the spirit.

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