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7 Reasons to Wear Beaded Jewelry

Beaded jewelry is as popular as ever and is bringing about a rejuvenation in costume jewelry across the world.

So what is making it so popular for many different groups and in so many styles? Here are seven reasons why beaded jewelry is so popular:

1. The range of colors for beads makes it easy to find the right design to go with the outfit and color theme you are seeking. For those of us who love color having choice in what we wear makes a big difference and explains a lot about the popularity of beaded jewelry.

2. Distinctive and unusual jewelry that celebrates style, color, art and vibrancy brings compliments and can even be a great way to get a conversation going. I have got talking with some really interesting people all because we got talking about a great beaded earrings and necklace set. We all enjoy getting compliments for our choices in what we wear and for giving successful presents so with beautiful designs that do this for us always makes the jewelry popular.

3. Beaded jewelry handcrafted by artisans and designers lets you have distinctive pieces that are mini works of art with the handmade lampwork beads. This lets you show your own style while avoiding having the same as everyone else as you get to enjoy wearing creative and artistic designs.

4. Lets you develop a jewelry wardrobe that reflects your own personality and becomes your signature style. This can work with different colors for different seasons as well as events. Often you will want a different look for your professional wardrobe to your casual look and affordable costume jewelry lets you do this and enjoy the shopping too.

5. Choosing quality in beaded designs is easy with the availability of European and local artisan glass and crystal jewelry. As with all things you have choice about the quality standards you want in your life, especially with the components things are made of. I love the feel and texture of top quality handmade glass beads and European crystals. They capture light and show it off to the best advantage, while being strong and robust so they can easily handle the knocks and bumps of daily life.

6. One of the things I love most about handcrafted designs are the great stories behind the beads themselves. Just look at the encased lampwork beads from the Czech Republic and the stories of the lampworker families over generations or the personal stories of contemporary lampwork artisans close to home. Finding the stories too is half the fun. I love my bead books that share the stories of families and even specific bead designs.

7. Beautiful and creative designs within both the beads as well as the beaded necklaces, earrings, and bracelets themselves. I love good design so being able to bring captivating design within the beads and then using that to create the jewelry design itself is a kind of magic resulting in the sum being more than the parts.

You can find just about any beaded bracelet, necklace and earring set design online that you like or even make your own. As someone who has built a business around beaded jewelry I still love getting the creative jewelry designs by others. I think once you have fallen in love with this style you will see beautiful pieces that you will just have to bring into your life.

Belinda – see my beaded jewelry and jewelry display stands here.

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