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7 Tips For Escaping The Rat Race

I was talking with a lady at market on the weekend who said she was in a mid-life crisis and not happy what’s she’s doing and is looking at what else is possible.

To her I looked to have achieved the great escape and to have got where I’m going to.

Well I have escaped the rat race and I am enjoying the freedom of it but I am still working solidly on my financial freedom.

I made my move from the corporate world to my own business progressively while I still had the financial security of my regular income.

So I thought I’d share 7 tips on how you can startup and setup your own business:

1. make a list of things you enjoy and that interest you. >From this list pick one or two things that you would want to get involved with.

2. research others who are doing businesses in the field you are interested in and see how they are doing things. This will give you ideas and show you ways of doing things – it will also give you ideas how to do things better.

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