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7 Tips for Wearing Jewellery and Fashion in The Corporate World

I was talking to friend from my corporate days about some of the outfits being worn to the office now and how so many of the old rules of success still apply. So we came up with a list of do’s and don’ts to help our younger female colleagues make sure they get ahead:

1. what you wear communicates many messages, including how you want others to think about you in the work place. Plunging necklines and tiny skirts are great for our socialising and picking up but in a professional environment they don’t work – they say you’re sexually available and that’s what you want to be known for. I haven’t met a woman yet who wants that message communicated about her in the corporate world.

2. work on pulling together a wardrobe that reflects your true professional self. Sure, it can be a bit cheeky but be sure it shows the side of you that delivers quality, valuable work as well. Adding an accent colour with a solid suit colour for a bit of a flourish is a great way to show your spirit while keeping the balance between going overboard and being too conservative.

3. you can easily get away with beautiful, colourful, stylish jewellery, even in a very male dominated conversative organisation. From experience it takes a very colourful and strong personality to pull off big bold statement jewellery. If you’ve got the personality and position and love this type of statement jewellery go for it. If you’re climbing the corporate ladder in a conversative place then think out your jewellery approach. Either way, you can still wear beautiful pieces of jewellery that reflect your style, just keep in mind moderation can make a better impression than going for the full effect shown in the fashion magazines.

4. take care of your accessories like shoes and handbags. Do you see anyone succeeding at the higher positions with poorly kept shoes and bags? I haven’t. Wearing thongs and flip-flops to work and changing into sky-scraping heels in the office gives mixed messages. Getting an elegant pair of comfortable ballet style shoes to wear between home and office looks so much better than thongs.

5. have a look around at the other women you think are getting where you want to be going. Learn from them about what to wear and how to wear it. You’ll probably see they have a very simple way of jazzing up an outfit to head out of the office in the evening that transforms it from dressing for corporate success to having a fun night out. It is easy to bring a change of jewellery in a jewellery roll in your handbag, bring some make-up along to freshen up and a small bottle of perfume. Keep life simple.

6. if you’re a little lost to how to bring a wardbrobe of outfits together look to putting together your own storyboard of colours and styles around what you want to achieve with work. There are a growing number of women who are brilliant at what they do getting themselves a stylist to help them present themselves for success get to the next level and doing very well with it. A stylist can be found in any good designer fashion shop – look at places like Jigsaw or where you can get an entire ensemble for work and play and coming along with your own fashion storyboard makes it easier for the stylist to get your ideas really quickly.

7. figure out whether you want to be known as a fashionista or someone having her own style that incorporates timeless pieces with the best of the season. This will make a difference to your budget with style being able to be built up over a few seasons in comparison to having to get a whole new look every season. Both ways communicate different messages about your values and what is important to you.

Remember, management will make their decisions between promoting two equally performing candidates on what information they’ve been given through attitude and presentation. You can present your individuality so easily through your jewellery and fashion sense at work with a thoughtful approach that shows the best of you.

An earring holder full of beautiful earrings makes it easier to get out the door in the morning – you see what you have and pairs are kept together – bliss!


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