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9 Points for E-Commerce Success

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For all of us building a successful e-commerce business the need to define the key points for success are always vital. When you think that 80% of sites get less than 10 visitors a day and about 5% of sites get over 90% of online sales income you get to see the real competition for e-commerce success is small and it is easy to be better than the pack.

The trick is to get in the top 90% of successful e-commerce websites, or, more importantly it is to figure out what means success for you and your business.

So here are 9 points for e-commerce success to get you in the top competition band:

  1. designing and building high-quality sites
  2. driving visitors to sites with marketing programs
  3. high usability features
  4. solid visitor/customer modeling
  5. creating a substantial market presence
  6. strong technology practice
  7. a well-thought-out strategy for continued growth
  8. quality design work backed by stability
  9. strong and flexible business systems

Remember, it is no use buiding a great site without great marketing promotions to bring customers to you.

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