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A Budding gardener simply needs a garden! Bring on the Tree Change!

Hey there,

I love “Gardening Australia” and the passion of the presenters, Peter Cundall especially with his “that’s your blooming lot, but only for this week” catch line!

So each time I get to see “Gardening Australia” I have this desire to create a great big garden with sweeping vistas, glorious trees, flowers to pick for charming posies like my great aunts use to make, all watered with grey-water through the dryer months.

So far I have a little balcony with succulents which would love more sun! So how to make the seachange, the tree change to a property with more space for this much dreamed of garden? Well how about creating an income source that is dedicated to making it happen?

This income can be for some an income increase, you live on the same rate of the old pay and stash the extra income so it makes dreams come true.

Skills can be learnt that can be useful, income generating in this new life, while you are preparing for it.

So you can make dreams into reality, it is humanly possible, it might take a few years but it is doable. 🙂

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