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About Creatively Belle

Celebrating cross cultural influences with these Geisha brooches made from Southern Ice porcelain

Beautiful Geisha Brooches

Creatively Belle is based in Mollymook, NSW, having started in Sydney, Australia, in 2001 and has always been about beautiful, artisan jewellery, stationery and design.

Inspiration and art are the focus of our gift cards and stationery designs.

Colour, light and texture are the centre of the designs for necklaces and pendants, brooches and earrings made in Southern Ice Porcelain – Australia’s finest porcelain. You’ll find a select range of our ceramic jewellery here online and the full range at our markets and fairs.

Creatively Belle is the creative artist Belinda Stinson’s dream come true to be able to make a living from what she loves best; paints, clay and designs.

Looking After Our Communities

The Creatively Belle greeting cards are printed on recycled paper with a small business in regional Australia and packed in protective cellophane – so no offshore sea miles or plastic.

Finding Creatively Belle

Creatively Belle can be found at a range of markets on the weekends. The designs can also be found in selected boutiques and now online here at Creatively Belle.

Creatively Belle Email Newsletter

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Original watercolour by Belinda Stinson of Creatively Belle

The always beautiful NSW Waratah

Creatively Belle Jewellery and Stationery Ranges

You’ll find the Creatively Belle ceramic necklaces and brooches and stationery ranges created by Belinda in the growing online store.

As the ranges grow so too is the store. The addition of the gift cards and stationery to the Creatively Belle collection reflects a growing artistic confidence in Belinda as she explores painting and drawing, photography and graphics. As part of the growing compilation Belinda is also curating ranges featuring other artists to celebrate the joy in creativity.

Australian made bookmark and Magnet designs by Creatively Belle

Australian made bookmark and Magnet designs by Creatively Belle

The Creatively Belle Blog

The Creatively Belle blog continues to grow with behind the scenes insights, sources of inspiration, what’s involved in making a living as an artisan and ceramist and being part of creative communities.

Magical Peacock Greeting Card by Creatively Belle

Magical Peacock Greeting Card by Creatively Belle

If you’d like to learn more about particular aspects of this artistic life please contact Belinda and let her know.

Lord Tasman of the Gumleaf Order wombat brooch in the Creatively Belle online shop Painted by Belinda Stinson

Lord Tasman of the Gumleaf Order

Creatively Belle Jewellery Creator and Artist

Belinda Stinson has a love for the artisan, the crafted, the locally made. “I think there is an authenticity around the hand made that is so very alluring. Having individual pieces in your daily life that tell a story is a constant source of inspiration. Daily life can be a grind, so having beauty around me gives me joy.”

Belinda comes from a family of makers with her mum being a talented and awarding winning spinner, knitter and weaver and her dad built remote control airplanes out of balsa wood.

The founder of Creatively Belle, Belinda

Belinda Stinson of Creatively Belle

“My parents have always made things, mum sewed my school uniforms and play clothes as a child. I would sit at on the floor by her and make dolls clothes from the scraps.

“I was given my first little sewing machine at eight and inherited my beloved Brother sewing machine when I was nine. My grandmother saw how much I was enjoying my ‘toy’ sewing machine and told mum that I was to have her new machine after she passed. I’ve made my university graduation dresses on it, my quilt tops and just about everything else I’ve machine sewn.”

So for Belinda making her living from what she crafts has been a natural progression in life. After discovering a love for beads in her late teens and a talent for design and balance, Belinda then learnt what it took to sell her work.

“I look at some of the photos of me set up at the church fete to sell my earrings and shake my head at the display! My parents were very encouraging and supportive, I think they liked the creative spark and the entrepreneurial spirit,” explains Belinda.

“I continued to make and sell jewellery designs through uni to shops and at my weekly uni market stall, but had a 10 year break from it as I became caught in the corporate world as a professional writer. My journalism degree has proved very useful and I have a love for writing,” says Belinda.

Belinda Stinson of Creatively Belle

Finding peace of mind

For a recent birthday Belinda bought for herself a bundle of water colour paints and this has ignited a new passion for her. Having always been a drawer moving into painting has been invigorating.

The Cat watching the Moon Watercolour is ready for framing is perfect

The Cat watching the Moon Watercolour is ready for framing

“I think it is really important to keep doing new things. I’ve had a churning feeling in my belly about painting so to be getting stuck into it is such a relief.

“I’ve given myself permission to be crap at it, recognising that I won’t instantly be as  skilled and talented at any of the great masters. Instead, it is the doing that matters. And like my photography, I do quite a few images to get one that works.

“There are so many lessons and skills that are transferable and that makes doing new things even more fun”, says Belinda.

When Belinda starting working with Southern Ice Porcelain it was another process of finding a natural niche. Porcelain jewellery is a very tactile experience, it is soft and hard all at the same time. The softness comes from the surface feel. The hardness from firing.

Belinda and Small Business Minister Katrina Hodgekinson

Belinda Stinson and Katrina Hodgkinson at one of her pop up seminars

For Belinda finding a path to living a more creative life has meant finding her own natural place in the world. “Being an artisan and making my living from what I craft is the best thing I’ve done for myself. It isn’t an easy way to make a living, but what is? Everything has it’s challenges, but doing what you love makes the tough bits that much easier to move through,” explains Belinda.

There’s an authenticity with the artisan crafted pieces, whether they are porcelain or glass or wood or whatever  medium the maker is working in. And like many artists and artisans, Belinda has a passion for creativity that crosses boundaries, including writing, drawing, painting, ceramics, quilting, photography and design. All of this creative energy will hopefully come through with the blog.

Collaborations and Promotions with Creatively Belle

As a small creative business owner Belinda is always happy to explore ideas for fun and interesting collaborations. She is most happy to work with other small business owners to celebrate originality, design, creativity and small business love.

You’ll also find a series of promotions online too, usually subtle and non-intrusive so readers are able to enjoy the cleanest and most creative layout we can provide as a small business. We do work with selective affiliations and partnerships and are interested in exploring ideas that may work well for our little creative community.

The aims are to provide a sustainable and inspiring creative online hub to share inspiration, beautiful little treasures and financial security for makers.

Beloved Bunny brooch by Belinda Stinson in blue and white ceramic jewellery Creatively Belle

Based on my much loved soft toy Bunny

Working with Bloggers

As a writer by training Belinda has always loved magazines and blogs, particularly the publications that support and celebrate women, creativity, originality and authenticity.

“I love working with other bloggers within the creative community, supporting each other and celebrating our little wins, nurturing each other when the times are being a tad tough and sharing what makes life good is something blogs and blogging does best,” explains Belinda.

If you’re a blogger and would like to explore come collaborative ideas with Belinda please contact her and join her online community.

I support creative women quote by Belinda Stinson of Creatively Belle button

Be loud and proud in your support of creative women

You’re Invited to Join the Creatively Belle Online Community

It would be wonderful to have you join the Creatively Belle online community so please leave your blog comments, join us on the Creatively Belle Instagram, Creatively Belle Facebook and Twitter as well as join the newsletter via the form on the top of the page.

Inspiring quote Life is better when creativity flows through it by Belinda Stinson of Creatively Belle

Let it flow….

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