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Adding Value to Your Business

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What happens to your small business if you can no longer run it? Does it just stop and fall apart or can it be operatored by someone else, can it be sold?

One of the best ways to help your business be operated without you is for it to be documented – to have how to guides for different parts of your business, to have your suppliers documented with their contact details, products, pricing, ideas and notes. To have notes on your main customers – their likes and dislikes, cycle of buying, locations etc. To have how to notes – a user guide – for your key markets. To have your products and services outlined so they can be duplicated.

It doesn’t have to be duanting either. It can start with a folder of hand written notes that can be compiled into a written document. Notes are better than nothing. Documented in a Word document with a table of contents is better than notes for a prospective buyer – they feel they have something to go on and grow.

You don’t have to do this alone either. If you have a friend or family member who needs to gain business experience to show on their resume helping out with pulling together business manuals and user guides is a win-win for both of you.

If there isn’t anyone you think is appropriate in your friends or family then what about an internship with a student from a local university so they can gain experience and you get a documented and secured business?

If you want to make it happen you can find a way to bring it about. So have a think and get yourself a result within 12 months.

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