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Anything Is Possible If You Have the Nerve

Coming back from holidays to a hot and steamy Sydney has me taking things more slowly than I’d expected. It’s just too hot to settle down and make jewellery right now.

I’ve been escaping to air conditioned cafes to read and I’ve ended up doing more business planning.

Having time to work on the business is really important. While I normally start planning for the coming calendar year in October, as events and shows need to be booked months in advance, I find the Christmas break great for refreshing the business spirit so working on business strategy in January is really useful.

Getting to have time and space to work on the business in January is really useful. For instance, I’ve decided this year needs to have the website redesigned. Given it’s quite a big job I have to find a way to make it work as smoothly as possible. Right now that seems quite a tall order but I keep telling myself anything is possible if you have the nerve.

In terms of design I want to work more on the loop lariat necklace range with South Australian opals, pearls, gemstones, traditional lampwork glass and the contemporary lampwork glass by Jennifer Findlay and crystals.

The pieces I made last year have all been snaffled up so quickly and are all over the world – again, my jewellery is better travelled than me!

I do find it a bit daunting starting the design process for the one-off loop lariats so I’ll have to practice the manta anything is possible if you have the nerve all over again – this time for creating the jewellery!

Limited Edition Loop Lariat with Opals and handmade glass

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