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Are Frames Any Good for my Website?

Hey there,

When you’re creating a website you’re often faced with the question of whether to use frames or not. Frames are a way of breaking up the area on the screen into different functions – usually one for content in the middle of the screen and another for navigation features. There can be 3 or more frames.

When I first started creating websites I used frames but I gave them away when I realised I couldn’t link to specific pages within the website. Being able to go to directly to particular pages is crucial for all the sites I’ve built so I’ve found other ways to design a page with different areas (tables are the easiest).

Frames are also difficult for search engines and directories to navigate and when you want your site to list high you can’t use frames.

Personally I can’t find anything good to say about frames. People are use to scrolling to find information on a site so frames don’t work well for that either.

If you want more information about frames check out the Frames Pros and Cons articles here.

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