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Are Splash Pages Good for my Web Site?

Hey there,

I’ve had some discussions lately about the value of splash pages.

Splash pages are generally used by designers who want to generate a brand image and show case what they can do. Usually they have a fancy flash animation that runs for a length of time and requires particular software.

Personally I like the first page I arrive at to tell me what the site is about – to tell me the what, why, when, how, what, where of the site. I want it to be informative and useful.

As a site owner I want my site to be search engine and directory friendly so it rates with them. Splash pages are hard for search engines and directories to work with and are usually ignored by them.

For me splash pages are only annoying and costly with loosing visitors quickly and easily (when you want to keep your visitors) and fail with search engines and directories. But I’m rather fixed in this view and you may need a more balanced review of it all. So check out what Jennifer Kyrnin has to say.

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