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10 Bridal Shower Tips and Ideas

10 Bridal Shower Tips and Ideas

Ideal bridal party jewellery drop earrings by Creatively BelleOne of the best things about weddings are the social gatherings from engagement parties to bridal shows to hens nights.

So to get you started with bridal showers here are 10 tips and ideas you and the girls will love!

1. Bridal showers are usually organised and hosted by one of the bridesmaids with input from the bride, particularly with the guest list.

2. Bridal showers are a great way to share the joy of the wedding celebration with friends and family, including ones who aren’t on the guest list.

3. Showers are held usually four to six weeks before the wedding so invitations can be sent three to six weeks before so RSVP’s can be back in on time.

4. Have a jewellery party with the girls around a sparkling table full of beautiful jewellery. Catchup with wedding news and use the hostess gift voucher for your bridal party jewellery and your wedding jewellery. This is a great way to help stretch your wedding budget even further while still having fun with everyone.

5. A traditional Kitchen Tea party means the bride is showered with appliances and kitchen goodies but if you are already set for the kitchen other fun themes include cellar parties where the focus in on wine and accessories, lingerie parties and Sweets parties – think chocolates and you’ll be along the right path.

6. Bridal Showers can also be focused on the passions and interests – gardening, books, music, film, cooking, photography, craft, homewares – anything that brings out the personality of the bride.

7. Going out for a Bridal Shower is also a great idea like to an art exhibition, shopping tour, harbour cruise, picnic – again anything that brings a group of friends together to celebrate the wedding.

8. Hosting the Bridal Shower can be made easy by having a Recipes shower where everyone brings something they have prepared along with the recipe for it. Simply collect the recipes in a book for future reference and as a special memento of friendship and celebration.

9. Be sure to have a camera at the Shower to capture photos of friends and family. These can be taken by bridesmaids and presented to the bride in a special album.

10. Have a Honeymoon Shower for when you come back to share the news, gossip and photos of the wedding and the honeymoon. These are great gatherings for watching dvd’s and wedding videos with friends and family. It is a lovely way to say thank you to your bridal party and family involvement.

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