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10 Tips For Picking The Best Wedding Shoes

10 Tips For Picking The Best Wedding Shoes

The wrong wedding shoes can have a huge impact on your Wedding Day so to avoid suffering for beauty make sure you pick the best and most comfortable wedding shoes. The easiest way to make sure you get it right the first time is have your own bridal shoe checklist.

To get you stepping out in style and comfort here are 10 tips for picking the best wedding shoes!

1. Be prepared for your wedding shoe shopping adventure with stockings, fabric samples, wedding jewellery and list of shops to explore.

2. The size of the heel is crucial to the success of your big day. If you are use to low or no heels keep that as your heel height guide. High heels are killers for feet that aren’t use to them. You want to walk down the aisle gracefully and be about to dance and socialise for hours so pick the heel height you can easily manage.

3. Before your buy any shoes have a good walk around the shop in them with stockings on to see how they feel – do they pinch, fall off your heel, rub any spots that could cause blisters? You might need to order in a different size or simple try a different style.

4. Traditionally wedding shoes are either silk or satin and covered in the same fabric as the wedding gown. Now the times have changed and you have a lot more choice. Your wedding shoes can be in beautiful colours like soft pinks, blues or greens, they can even be Doc Martins if that’s your thing!

5. The general rule for the texture of shoes is shiny silk is for shiny fabrics and crepe shoes are for matte dresses, simple shoes for fancy dresses and fancy shoes for simple dresses.

6. Consider the style of the shoes – open toes shoes need painted toenails showing, not the ends of stockings. If you’re wearing stockings the shoes need to have covered toes.

7. Wear your shoes at home and to your dance classes so you can move gracefully and comfortably in them. You want to know how they wear so you know if you need to put bandaids when getting ready on the day. You want to be able to walk on wooden floors, carpets, tiles and gravel so be practiced in walking on the different surfaces in your shoes so you look as wonderful as you want.

8. Prepare the soles of the shoes beforehand by lightly scuffing with sandpaper so they have more texture for grip. Self-adhesive sole pads are also available.

9. Have spare bandaids or blister pads handy on the day to look after any unexpected surprises.

10. Take your wedding shoes to your final wedding dress fitting so the gown’s hem can be made the perfect length. This little detail makes a huge difference.

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