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7 Tips For Family and Friends Wedding Photography

7 Tips For Family and Friends Wedding Photography

Having a professional wedding photograph capture the magic of your wedding day will create beautiful pictures you’ll always treasure but you’ll also love the photos taken by family and friends at your wedding.

So here are 7 tips to get the best results from family and friends photos of your wedding:

1. A disposable camera on each table is a great way to capture the fun and social highlights of any gathering. Make sure your bridesmaids go round the tables to make sure the cameras are being used and collect them at the end of the reception.

2. A lovely gift from the bridesmaids to the bride and groom is to get the disposable cameras printed with 2 sets so the pictures can be kept as well as sent to wedding guests with the thank you cards.

3. Most weddings have at least one guest (if not 5) who are good with photography themselves and come along with their cameras to capture the event. Make sure you talk with them about any special pictures you would want them to get for you, such as the end of the reception shots. They will love being included.

4. Digital camera are great in so many ways but you need to think about how the images are going to be kept long term. So back up the images to CD and clearly labeled the disc. Having multiple discs is a great idea for different family members to keep.

5. Phone cameras may be fun for quick shots but the quality is lacking so don’t rely on them for capturing special moments if you want to keep them long term.

6. Make sure you get a copy of any family videos of the wedding so you have them too.

7. Have two Wedding Photo Albums – one by the professional photographer and one for family and friends photos. The difference between the two will show both sides of your big day.

You’ll find photos by family and friends at your wedding will show you all the rest that happened on the day that you just didn’t get to see. They’ll be funny and touching, images you’ll treasure for years.

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