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7 Tips For Looking After Costume Jewelry

7 Tips For Looking After Costume Jewelry

Ideal bridal party jewellery drop earrings by Creatively BelleCostume jewelry designs have been a favorite choice for centuries for women and men of all societies. Contemporary fashion jewelry is reaching the same heights of popularity did in the early 20th Century. It is often made to suit the seasonal fashion colors, is affordable and much is unsigned.

Fashion jewelry ranges from cheap and cheerful plastic designs through to the handcrafted necklaces and earrings that are made to last. The best way to ensure your favorite costume earrings, necklaces, bracelets, watches, pins and brooches last is to look after them so you get to enjoy them even more.

Here are 7 ways to look after your costume jewelry:

1. Costume jewelry and water just do not mix. So avoid leaving it in moist bathrooms, in a wet pile after swimming or showering or in any pool of water.

2. Display your costume jewelry on earring holders, necklace stands, bracelet and watch displays to avoid messy tangles that can harm the jewelry. Display stands are also great for showing off your jewelry so you get to enjoy it more.

3. When traveling or carrying your jewelry around use a roll – also known as an jewelry organizer – as it is soft so it protects your treasures from nasty knocks.

4. Just like with caring for pearl jewelry, fashion does not like the acid from hairsprays and alcohol of perfumes so put yours on after you have sprayed hair spray and perfumes.

5. Many components used in costume jewelry can be sun affected such as wooden beads, bone beads and the like so keep them out of the sun.

6. Avoid letting your costume fashion jewelry coming into contact with soap, face creams, or moisturizers. If they do rinse clean and pat dry. Make sure they’re fully dry before putting it away.

7. Clean your jewelry gently with cotton buds or a soft toothbrush with a little distilled water. Make sure it is properly dried so to look after the metal settings.

Many talented jewelry designers have created simply stunning pieces, especially with the focus in the 20th Century on colorful and sparkling affordable designs. So whatever your style make sure you get to enjoy your beloved fashion jewelry for the years to come simply by caring for them.

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