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Backup Plans Save Wedding Day Tears

Backup Plans Save Wedding Day Tears

Weddings are important events in our lives and to avoid upsets or misunderstandings it can be wise to have backup plans.

You can think you’re perfectly well organised but the person or supplier on the other side of the service may not be. So when you’re booking key services have a backup list so if something unexpected happens you have choices to hand.

Things to have backup plans for (contact details for other service providers):

  • music and entertainment
  • photographer and/or videographer
  • transport – cars etc
  • accommodation
  • cake decorator
  • a sheltered alternative venue if planning an out door wedding
  • caterers
  • Mistress/Master of Ceremonies
  • florist
  • makeup artist and hairdresser
  • accommodation for any pets
  • honeymoon locations

It is far better to have an idea and information to hand if something goes awry rather than feeling distrissed and madly trying to figure out how to fix it.

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