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Be Who You Need To Be

Be Who You Need To Be

I’ve been taking stock of things lately, especially as I’m coming into my busy time of year where weeks disappear more quickly than I like to think about.

This is the time when I need to be sure I’m organised and ready to make the most of my opportunities, to prepare the business for success, to make sure I’ve spent time with friends and family before my social life takes a back burner.

So when I was talking with a friend who goes through the same cycle and who is working with a life coach I found her homework of setting goals really interesting.

The goals are set around the idea of who do you need to Be who Does what’s needed to Have what’s wanted. The Be, Do and Have goal setting method.

So first you need to identify what you want to Have; whether that’s lifestyle, spiritual, material, financial – what to you want to Have in your life.

Then what needs to be Done to achieve that? What actions are required to bring the Having about?

What sort of person do you need to Be to Do what’s needed? Do you need to be irritable or happy? Defensive or approachable? Lazy or active?

I really like this method because it not only looks at the end results but figures out the path to get there.

In the last couple of weeks I’ve been applying it more and more and finding the results for my business to be really good.

For example I’ve been making the jewellery I need for parties and shows and they have been selling and making the money I need to invest back into stock for my Christmas sales.

So that’s been about prioritising what’s needed doing first and I’ve been rewarded each time by selling something that’s been prioritised.

The exercise is quite simple. Give yourself about an hour (say a lunch break) to settle down with pen and paper and write down 3 goals. These are the Haves.

Then for each goal write out 5 – 15 things that need Doing to make them happen.

Look at the list of Do actions and figure out honestly with yourself what sort of person do you need to Be to make them happen. Do you need to tweak a few personality features to make doing the actions easier? Do you need to let yourself Be more of your natural self to empower yourself with these activities?

The goals need to be fairly short term to start with so you can get some quick rewards. I’ve always called these ‘Quick Wins’ and start with them because they are good for the ego. Once I’ve got some quick wins done I feel a lot more motivated with the momentum to get the harder and trickers things done. At this stage I usually figure out that they really aren’t harder or tricker, I’ve just built them up in my mind to be that. But that’s another story.

What are some simple and fun things that you’ve put off for months now that you could set as goals to make happen fairly easily?

I had a new years resolution of starting yoga that I finally got round to doing in September. Now I’m coming up to my 3 year anniversary of doing yoga and it is something I really enjoy doing in my life. The trick was just to do it. I had the goal, I just needed to do it and the person I needed to be was one who just went to yoga – all so much easier than what I’d built it up to be in my mind.

So to make sure I make the most of this busy season ahead of me I’m going to work on my goals for the next 4 months, figure out what I need to Do to make them happen and have a look at who I need to Be in myself to let them happen.

I’d love to hear from you about what you do with the Be, Do, Have method!

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