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Being Active Within The Community

Being Active Within The Community

Ideal bridal party jewellery drop earrings by Creatively BelleThis month’s article is inspired by a night out with a girlfriend of mine – what better inspiration could there be?

Helen and I have known each other for about 8 – 9 years and met via a business relationship – Helen has the Body Spot Massage Centre at the Bondi Icebergs at Bondi Beach. Helen gives excellent massages and I’ve been recommending her and her team of massage therapists for years (and happily do so here).

Helen is a member of the Bondi Icebergs and the other week we went for dinner and drinks at the club. As normal we were both talking about our businesses, our plans and our experiences. I’m thinking through a display sign idea at the moment and Helen was able to call over another club member who has a display sign business and who has made some of the Body Spot’s signs to offer some advice and work through the idea.

At the time I thought how surprising and good it was to be able to talk to someone within the industry to explore this new idea of mine more. I have his card and feel comfortable about getting quotes now because of the personal recommendation he has from Helen.

But the reality is that by being part of a local community club it was little wonder that Helen was able to introduce me to someone so very easily about this project. Such business opportunities are part of the value of being an active member in your community.

So have a think about being active in your community. Joining a local club can help with social and business opportunities. It doesn’t have to be all about business networking, you can mix social, community and business together.

Community clubs can range from interests as diverse as photography, painting, writing, swimming, golf, mother’s groups, bushwalking, SES, animal welfare groups, conservation groups, church, industry groups, meals on wheels, surf life saving club, RSL, cycling group, historical society, art gallery and many more. Just think through your interests and local clubs and see what you like.

My uncle joined the local photography club a few years ago and has loved winning the club championship photography trophy each year (he shows it off proudly every Christmas Day!) and through that he has developed new friends, expanded his photography skills, feels a stronger connection with the community and I’ve learnt how competitive my uncle really is!

My dad has been a Toastmaster for years, opened a new club in Sydney, organised international conventions and while building his public speaking skills he also built strong and long-lasting business and personal friendships. It was a win-win-win.

Men tend to be very good at this joining a local club thing and building business and personal relationships. We women have been doing it for years but in a different way, we can maintain that while also expanding and joining more formally organised clubs and attending regularly.

So what is so important about being part of your community through a local club? You build business and social skills and networks, you have a very affordable way to get referral business that costs little to gather and comes with positive attitudes to your business. Much better value than paying to advertise in the Yellow Pages!

Joining a community club needs to be done with the view of being part of the community – not solely for the business opportunities available. If you want to join a club purely for business then join a business networking club like SWAP. If you want to be part of your community and explore an interest with the secondary benefit of networking then join a local community club.

The more I think through the idea of being part of a local community club there more opportunities I see in it – a friendly support network of interesting people (interesting because you obviously share the same interests because you belong to the club!), opportunity to expand social and business circles, belonging to your community and much more.

So have a think about it, check out what is around you and I’m sure you’ll find a win-win-win just waiting for you.

So just let me share with you the Body Spot’s details so you can book-in and enjoy the experience whenever you’re in Sydney! (yes, I’m blatantly supporting my friend Helen because I completely believe in her and her business!)

The Body Spot services include: Massage ~ Facials ~ Lash & Brow Tinting ~ Laser Therapy ~ Astrology ~ Tarot.

Open 7 days at the Bondi Icebergs, Bondi

phone: 0414 357 429

And of course, being the talented business woman Helen is there are also seasonal specials!

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