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Creating A Fresh Look

Creating A Fresh Look

As a child I was dreadful with change. My parents would get a new car and I refused to get in it out of mis-placed loyalty to the old car. While this caused hassels for my parents I didn’t really see what the problem was until I found out for myself in my adult life.

Now I’m much better with change (I can hear my mum saying “oh really?”) but it tends to be change that I bring into my life that I’m good with rather than having others introduce it. But isn’t that the same for most of us anyway?

So with all the work I’ve been doing with SheInspires I’ve been looking at designs, possibilities and seeing Creatively Belle needing a bit of a freshening up.

The newsletters are the easiest to start with as they are just one pages. The website is simply duanting. It has over 700 pages. Yes, I do use templates but they have grown organically too – there’s probably at least 12 templates. Oh, I could come up with at least 12 very good excuses not to update Creatively Belle’s online look but the truth is, it needs it.

I could remain daunted and shrinking away from change or I could just do things step by step and make it happen.

One possible solution could be to start with making some simple changes to the site. Experience has shown me that this oftens demonstates how easy it is to make wholesale changes straight across the board.

I’ve been daunted by changing the templates for the email newsletter yet it is all working out fairly well.

I’ve hidden from putting Creatively Belle on social media sites but have found with SheInspires going on FaceBook and getting it’s own Yahoo Group it really wasn’t so bad after all – it was actually quite fun because I had a humourous friend help me out. Hopefully you’ll be reading soon that Creatively Belle is on FaceBook too!

I’ve always enjoyed a good adventure, a reason, I think, for why I so love having my own business. I’ve decided that instead of being daunted by the changes to the look and feel of the site I should be changing my perspective and seeing it as another adventure. What’s life without a little adventure in it?

So the lesson is, for any who are feeling a bit daunted by something, get out there and make a start. You’ll find it isn’t so scary after all and the results look really a heap better. And having an adventure makes daily life sing with joy!

Now I simply have to practice what I preach with the updating of the website!

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