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Creating Income Through Blogs

Creating Income Through Blogs

The more I look at Blogs the more I see opportunities with them.
Blogs can be a great way to get the message out there about your business and my blog is certainly doing that for me.

Blogs can also be set up to create income through advertising space on them.

Blogs that are subject specific can be really good at attracting advertisers who want to target specific customers such as fashion, entertainment, automobiles, computers, kids and family, health and wellness, humour, web development, business, marketing, music, films, politics, – whatever you’re interested in.

So if you want to experiment with this lost cost business what is possible then go exploring.

Find a range of blogs with paid advertising on them and look at how they do it – sources of information, regularity of publishing stories, what sort of images are used and where they are from – how can you get quality images on your site – where the blog is listed, how do people find it, what about site traffic?

You might find keeping a log in Excel or a diary a good way to track the blogs.

By learning from how others are doing it and figuring our ways you want to do it you can create a business for yourself that is easy to maintain and build an income from.

Maybe you can create a series of blogs that generate advertising income for you while you have someone else do the daily maintenance work?

I think having a blog backed up by a website is an ideal way to go but having paid advertising on the blog that is backed up by your advertisers’ websites could be just as good.

So give it a go and see what happens.

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