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End Of Year Taking Shock

End Of Year Taking Shock

Each December I seem to find myself looking around wondering how it got to be December again, even though I do understand how time works. Then today on the radio there’s a discussion about the finishing of a decade. Well that really got me.

The question was what had happened to each of us in the last 10 years and what do we want for the next 10 years. It’s had me thinking since.

Ten years ago I had a sports car and now I have a station wagon. I worked in the corporate world of banking and finance in the heart of Sydney. Now I design and make jewellery that I sell at my market stall in the heart of Sydney.

Ten years ago I was a size 8 and would have to hang onto traffic light poles at windy corners in the city. Today I’m a curvy size 12 and only struggle to keep my hair in check in the wind.

In 2019 I’d hope I have my jewellery business, live on a good sized parcel of land with rolling views and prosperous online publications. It would be fun to have an electric Jaguar but it will probably be another sensible station wagon for the market kit.

I’d love to keep the same level of personal and lifestyle freedom I have now, to be part of a deeply loving relationship, explore more of the world locally and afar and have a healthy, happy family.

I’m so thankful for this life. It has it’s heart-rendering hard times that make you treasure the good in life even more.

It’s healthy to take stock of life, to look back and ahead, to realise where you are. So where are you, where have you been and where do you want to go? Take some time to reflect and daydream.

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