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Getting Involved

Getting Involved

Being a home based business I find it very easy to get caught up in a daily routine that has been staying in the house for an entire day and suddenly the week’s gone by with me having a very limited existence.

When this happens I feel like life is passing me by and it’s all because I haven’t been physically involved enough with the outside world.

Sure, I’ve been on the computer, written emails, chatted in forums, talked on the phone but I haven’t been out and about and there is a difference.

The last couple of weeks have been the complete reverse and I feel better for it. While I’ve probably needed more time in the work room to sort out technical challenges I’ve really enjoyed the seminars and meetings with suppliers (strangely enough I don’t find it a challenge meeting up with pearl and gemstone suppliers!).

The interaction with friends in the industry makes a huge difference. It isn’t just the gossip but also the learning about the trade and industry that is stimulating.

I went to a ‘Women in Global Business’ seminar put on by Austrade and Westpac and really enjoyed meeting other women in business there – ranging from small business to corporate executives. While I may not be actively seeking export markets for my jewellery I did get a lot from the business cases presented and the information shared about various international markets by Austrade women.

It’s so good to look beyond the immediate world, to see possibilities, meet other interesting women and feel connected with a wider world.

So for all of us, who get to feel a tad hemmed in sometimes, make sure you book yourself into events and activities that get you out and about. Get involved and explore and your work and personal life will be better for it.

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