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Ideas For Preparing For A Successful Year

Ideas For Preparing For A Successful Year

It has been a busy month with setting in place what’s needed to make this year a success.

Something that I’ve found really useful and important to do is review my business and marketing tools.

So I’ve gone over my flyers for shows and markets with some improvements and new offers.

Work has also been happening online too with the new area being launched so it is easier for other arts and craft people to find information as they may be coming to the articles in a different way that a business person.

This looking at business with new eyes (or rested eyes after a good break) has extended to my work environment too.

The spare room (store room, work room, very useful room) was turning into a disaster with a goat’s track. So it has been cleared out with excess furniture and boxes sent off to storage.

I’ve even just managed to get a flat pack storage shelf put together to store the earring stand stock better.

The result is a much easier work space that makes life so much easier. I’m no longer overwhelmed when I walk into this space. It no longer holds me back.

So with the success and good results from my clear out and redesign efforts in the first months of this year I’m going to keep at it.

I know when the full swing of the country arts and crafts shows kicks in and then the Christmas hectic times I will have to rely on my marketing tools to be the best they can be. The time to make sure they are is now.

So have a look at your brochures, flyers, cards and other marketing tools with fresh eyes. Are they ready to be tweaked, to be improved? Do you want to test some ideas to see how they work?

What is happening with your work space? Would some tidying, sorting and throwing out work? Do you need some storage?

This early part of the year is an ideal time for getting ready for the busy months.

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