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It’s All in the Attitude

Are they problems or challenges, mistakes or opportunities, resistance or acceptance?

What they really are comes down to the attitude that is dealing with them.

Handmade glass dangle earrings by Creatively BelleAnd the good news is that attitude is a choice – whether it’s a passive unthought-of choice or an active choice that’s considered and explored.

Once we’re adults (and this can happen pretty early in life for some, or sadly late for others) it’s our own personal responsibility to figure out what attitudes we want to be living our lives with.

I’ve been meeting with a series of business women lately who’ve inspired me to be better at seizing opportunities.

So when I was invited to apply for a new project at The Rocks I took my time reading the invitation to clearly grasp what they were asking for. I made sure in my submission that I had answered every single stated and implied requirement and added a few more bonus points for good measure. I want this opportunity to come through.

I can’t control any other factors in this process, only what’s in my submission. So I took a leaf from the women who’ve been inspiring me this month about acceptance and determination. I thought about if I was in the shoes of the selection panel what would I be looking for?

I know from the competition entries that only a few people consider what the judges are looking for and write for them so I figured that there would also be only a few submissions covering off all the requirements and adding bonus material. Therefore a really good submission would have only a few competitors. I really like good odds.

It comes down to attitude – what’s the attitude that will achieve your goals – what is the behaviour that is authentic to your spirit and will get you what you want? This isn’t about being a two-face nasty creature. It’s about putting the brain into gear and matching your attitude to your values, matching your behaviour to your goals.

Whether or not I get into this new opportunity is now beyond my control. But I know for certain that I’ve given it the best shot I’ve got and they’d be fools to exclude me!

That isn’t arrogance, that’s honest, determined grit.

Now, if it’s the right opportunity for me it will come through and I’ve a business plan to make it work.

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