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The Power Of Keeping A Gratitude Diary

The Power Of Keeping A Gratitude Diary

The power of saying Thank You can be often over looked when really it should be a daily action. We ensure our littlies say thank you so they are accustom to good manners with others but what about saying thank you to the universe and God?

I’ve been keeping a Gratitude book where I write down what I’m thankful for. I start each page with “I’m so thankful for…” and while I write it I say it with my heart.

What makes it powerful is saying it from the heart and saying it is often. It’s all connected to the laws of attraction – you bring to you what you focus on. So when you give thanks for good things you’re bringing more of the same into your life.

I give thanks for health, happiness, love, my business, lifestyle, family, friends – all the good things I want to have in my life.

One of the key things I’ve learned about writing down what I’m thankful for is it’s the intension and heart felt gratitude that matters, not the prettiness of the writing.

I’m writing to say thank you, not to win the Miles Franklin award with my outstanding journal writing!

I’ve also started writing on the facing page a future thank you for good things in my life but in the presence sense. If I say thank you in a future tense then all that will stay in the future because that’s what I’m telling the universe. When I say thank you in the presence tense then I’m bringing the good and abundance into the present day. The universe will bring the good into the present day.

When I’m frustrated, angry or annoyed I’ve started working my through the feelings logically to process them and say thank you for three good things with heart felt gratitude to let go of the negative feelings.

Saying thank you lets you focus on the positive issues rather than complaining and getting stuck in the negative. When you have to find something to say thank you about a situation that’s pushed your buttons you have to turn it round, let go of the emotion and find the good.

By writing regularly – daily hopefully – in your own Gratitude Book you are actively choosing to bring good into your life, to attract to you what makes life good. You can write just one sentence, a series of paragraphs, even a list. Personally I mix it up to suit where I’m at when I’m writing. It is the action of saying “I’m thankful for…” that matters.

I started with ‘The Secret Gratitude Book’ by Rhonda Byrne of ‘The Secret’ simply because that’s what I found. But any book will work. Personally I’d like a beautiful journal style book but that’s my way. Whatever works best for you is ideal.

You can start even without a book, simply by writing down what you’re thankful for on paper or at the computer.

Saying thank you just as you go about things out loud or in your head works wonders too. I’m known for getting good car parks and I put this down for saying ‘thank you’ for my car spaces all the time. It’s the consistency that brings about constant results. So say thanks lots of times a day!

I believe in the power of saying thank you and hope it works wonders for you too!

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