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Little Black Book

Little Black Book

One of my key aims for this year is to significantly build my online income. To achieve this I am diligently working on my internet marketing activities.

To capture when I did what and see over time what impact it has on my results will also allow me to replicate the things are successful and avoid the ones that weren’t so productive.

So I bought myself a small spiral bound diary that can fit comfortably on my desk and stay open with a day per page.

This is to allow more detailed notes when I need it so I can capture lessons learnt and details.

The aim is to have at least 5 – 6 entries per week, even if they are simple blog entries. For me a newsletter is a big result and achieving it in a day is a very good thing. For today’s entry I’m being ambitious, I want there to be the newsletter as well as starting my Pay Per Click marketing plan.

The starting is the important part followed by the consistency of doing.

It doesn’t have to be big things always being done, but it does need to be consistent things happening to get to success, whether that success is in business, relationships, health, family, whatever you want to improve, to have healthy and happy.

The idea for the little black diary came in part from my friend who can mark the exact date for when her business started. She has a launch date that she marks each year and I like that idea.

I have my company’s birthday (she’s 13 this November) but I don’t have a specific date for Creatively Belle because it came about progressively. I guess I could use the date I registered the business name but that came after months of work and development.

Being able to capture details of a project taking shape over 12 months gives the power to see how and where it grew and how to replicate it.

For me this is important because I want multiple online businesses to diversify my income. Having been an IT contractor I know what it is like to have a project (read paying 6 month contract) shelved the week before you start and before your contract is signed. I don’t like having all my eggs in one basket, I like what I have now, different sources of income so if one gets hit then the others cover it.

If I get rained out of market one weekend then I have my online income, jewellery parties and wholesale income to look to. I can pay my bills and feel safe and secure.

For me I feel the online income is the easiest one I can build up and develop (hence why I recommend it to you so often!).

So my little black diary will help me track what I’m doing with increasing Creatively Belle’s profile and building my next online business.

By tracking activities and results it is easier to share with partners so they can be on the same page as you. This can be particularly useful if you are responsible for different areas of the business.

This little black diary approach can be used when you’re preparing for your own business – note what articles and books you’ve read, what seminars and courses you’ve attended, what websites you checked out and found useful, details about setting up a business, government contacts and requirements; all manner of things.

Preparing for a business is preparing for it to succeed. Planning and researching makes a huge difference to whether your dream is going to take wings and soar high.

So capture your journey over a year in a diary and learn from it!

Here’s to dreams and visions coming true. 🙂

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