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Making New Year’s Resolutions Into Realities

Making New Year’s Resolutions Into Realities

The New Year has many of reviewing our life and seeing what we like and what we don’t like.
New Year Resolutions can often come and go just as quickly – like it is the done thing to say you have a resolution when asked at the NYE party.
A week later the idea is lost and forgotten. But is that what you want to happen this year? Do you want to repeat the same patterns as before? Are they getting you where you want to be? Are you completely contented with life and want it to stay as good as it is?

I’d love your answer to that to be “Yes, I’m completely happy with all parts of my life and I don’t want it to change!” Yes, really! And for some it is the right answer so bottle what you’ve got and give thanks!
I know for me I have many things to give thanks for and that I don’t want changing in my life.

Yet there are other things I want to be happening, developing and changing.

For one I want a tidier desk and this is GOING TO HAPPEN! Hmmm. Well yeah, it is going to happen. I just have to make it happen and then commit to it and I know from past experience that I can do that.

My messy desk frustrates me and as it is part of the lounge room it can’t be hidden. I don’t want to hide mess anymore, I want to be free of mess. And that is where the change in attitude is happening. It is such a change that brings about what you want in life, that leads to success.

I want room for new projects without having to move home to a bigger space that costs more income that requires more doing.

You see where I’m going? What’s your messy desk? I cleared and cleaned my dressing table last week – so satisfying! Now I look at that surface and smile to myself rather than look at it and berate myself – big difference.

So figure out what needs sorting in your life and take action – make a difference and listen to the difference in your self language.

You make difference in your life with little steps – one at a time. Big flying leaps are good in concept – just as Utopian Society is – but reality is different and that’s where we live.

Yes, you can have flying high dreams but you need to be aware your feet are in reality and you can make that reality very good.

You can sort out messes in the home, at work, within your spirit or mind, within the family, anywhere you want. The exact result may not be what you originally envisioned but what in life is?

It is the flexibility and resilience that makes such a positive difference when getting to the other side of sorting things out to where you want to be.

So embrace this new year and treasure the opportunity it offers.

What do you want to have in your life in 12 months time? How can you make that happen bit by bit? Embrace envisioning too much and only getting half there – it’s a lot further along than where you started! 🙂

Go for it!

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