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Making the Sales Cycle Work for You!

Making the Sales Cycle Work for You!

This week I went to a really good and affordable seminar on e-business by Austrade – the Federal Government’s agency for supporting Australian businesses exporting.
The seminar ran for only a day but was overflowing with really useful information and an excellent workbook suppporting the course.

Part of the course was reviewing individual websites and I found this very interesting and have already started implementing changes to the site recommended when we touched on mine.

So I thought I would share some of the information with you.
The Simple Sales Cycle includes six steps:

1. Raise Awareness – register your website with search engines and link to other websites.

2. Provide Information – share information about your products and services through catalogues and info pages.

3. Detail Offerings – provide details such as pricing info, shipping costs, privacy policy, returns policy etc.

4. Execute Transactions – online shopping cart supported with a paper ordering process alternative.

5. Delivery – order tracking service (like I use in PayPal) so people know where their orders are.

6. Build Relationships – communicate with your customers through info areas online and newsletters like this. 🙂

This sales process works for both online and offline business models, including mixed business models (Creatively Belle has a mixed online and offline business model).

You can learn about e-business and e-commerce through books as well and I think a combination of both reading books and magazines alongside attending seminars and courses works well.

The added value of going to group learning sessions is the opportunity to learn from the group members too. I found it really interesting what people were doing and what they were wanting to find out and why.

I probably had one of the most developed websites but I learnt interesting details from even some of the smallest sites – size doesn’t matter, ideas matter.

There is no way I can ever know everything about this but the fun part is learning more and meeting more interesting people through the process.

The morale of this story is to get out there and find out what is on offer and explore – build your knowledge and skills base! 🙂

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