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How To Get Your New Year’s Resolutions To Come True

How To Get Your New Year’s Resolutions To Come True

While the new year is a time to take stock, make resolutions and look ahead it is often kept in mind for only a week or two. Then we suddenly find ourselves in October wondering what were we thinking of 10 months earlier and life is the same as always.

So is that what you want for this new year, this new decade?

I’m still feeling good about achieving some of my goals from 2009. It is one of the first times I’m actually congratulating myself and recognising my achievements. And it feels good. It is motivating me to keep on working on my plan, implementing it and achieving my goals – while also recognising I’m not super woman, I’m Belinda who regularly makes mistakes for the very reason that I give things a go.

I didn’t achieve all my goals I had for last year but that’s fine, I don’t have to. I’m achievement motivated so I do tend to set way too many goals anyway. Now that I’ve figured this part of myself out it’s much easier to be happy with what I do achieve. It’s easier to be kind to myself – as I would be to others.

A technique that I’ve found to work in the past has been to write ahead in my diary for the year things that are important to me. Starting with the personal things, I write birthdays in my diary and then also write when to send birthday cards off in the days before (I have also a small stash of cards because I forget to buy them with perfect timing so the stash is easier). As this was working well I started expanding this practice to other areas in my life.

Now I have a work planning diary and have written in dates for key work activities such as these newsletters, when competitions start and finish (yes, more competitions coming this year!) and post it notes about when to be organised with making jewellery to be sure I am better organised with all my ranges.

The post it notes let the activity be moved and repeated as well as standing out on the page

I use my work planning diary for capturing what I have done so I can satisfy my achievement motivated self – flicking through past months or years and seeing all those things I’ve done makes me feel good so I keep on doing. It’s also a great way to review to see what initiatives worked and what didn’t, what needs improving and what needs repeating.

I figured I’m not going to achieve all my goals for this year but I’ll get a heap of them done by staying focused on them with the help of a planning system that I keep tweaking each year. It’s a work in progress thankfully.

Taking time for yourself to figure out what’s important for you this year and making notes in your diary could mean a kinder conversation with yourself come next January.

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