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Power Of Money

Power Of Money

So many of us want to escape the rat race, to have the opportunity to make a new life with more satisfaction and inner peace.

Many of us prefer the handcrafted, the quality small production goods that are in stark contrast to the mass produced, imported goods that may be functional but lack that extra special aspect that brings quality into our daily lives.

We are blessed in our country that we have a safe, stable democratic society (no matter which of the two political parties are in government) that values education and opportunities.

We don’t have the harsh struggles in this country that are common for the majority of people in the world – think of the poor communities in other continents – so we have the opportunity to make life what we want it to be. It isn’t always easy but we are very blessed with the society and economy we have.

So we do have the chance to make the life we want, to create a successful small business, to climb the ladder, to be a useful member of your community.

What is vital is that we recognise that we each have an active role in making such a good community and society that gives us and our neighbours the opportunity to create the life we want.

We are each in the very powerful position of choosing how we spend our money – do you spend it in multi-national shops on cheap Chinese made imports or do you go to your locally owned shop or stall and buy something special with your money going directly into the community?

From my personal experience I believe a lot of people prefer to buy and give, to receive and enjoy locally made goods and services that are excellent quality and personal rather than the mass produced imported stuff that you see all over the place. But then I work in a field that encourages sea changes, encourages quality of life and is supportive of making life better.

This powerful choice we each have with how we spend our money comes into play with everything like which cafes we go to – corporate Starbucks (or the like) or locally owned, corporate book and music shops or independently and locally owned ones, Westfields or markets, massed produced clothes or local independent designers?

We each have a choice for what we want in our individual lives and in our communities. My experience is people want vibrant local communities and we want quality locally made goodies and services like cafes. So to not only keep what we’ve got but to bring growth and opportunity so you too have the opportunity to make your own sea change happen get out there and make thoughtful choices with your money on daily life things as well as seasonal shopping.

You and I each have the power with our money to make a real change by thinking about how we are spending our money.

If you’re reading this sea change article then you’re interested in quality of life. So spend your money with the view of bringing quality of life into our communities.

With a healthy and strong community with a focus on quality and opportunity there is more room for us to create businesses that bring about personal sea changes for us and our children, to bring about opportunity.

You have the power to create the society you want with every dollar you spend. So use your intelligence and abilities to spend your money wisely within our community.

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