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Preparing For Change You Want

Preparing For Change You Want

With the challenging economic times affecting all countries it may seem like a really bad time to be considering a sea (or tree) change.

When it might really be the best time to be preparing for a life style change. If getting out of the rat race is something you want to achieve then start doing the ground work.

Doing your research is the best way to make a success of something new – read books and magazine articles about those making it happen.

Keep a note book with ideas, quotes, sources of information, suggestions and lessons learnt – the what not to do’s.

Biographies of inspiring people can give great insights. Note down what they did that made good things come about so you can make it something beneficial for your life.

Go to the local library and explore their range of books from business books to alternative lifestyles to gardening (growing vegies etc) to DIY guides to training and courseware books. You’ll be amazed what you’re local library has. And you can also join libraries outside of your area.

Look to do some courses in preparation for making your dreams into reality as this is a great opportunity to build skills and find out what’s really involved.

Have some retreats to the areas you’re thinking of escaping to so you can start getting to know the community and make friends in the area. You should be able to get some great deals for accommodation all through this time.

Changing economic times also present some great opportunities. For some, redundancy brings really positive change. A payout can be the perfect amount for leaving the rat race, buying an established and economically viable business that will bring a steady income as well as a house in a regional area.

The “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” book is very good at going through ideas about opportunity in changing times so have a read (or re-read) of it.

Another area to explore for preparing for your sea change is a life/business coach. This is someone who you work with to figure out what you want and how to make it happen. They work with you to help achieve your goals. It does take work on your part and it is really deeply rewarding.

You can set yourself a budget for preparation – coaching, courses and training, reading and subscriptions etc. You might find spending 6 months on initial research and then if you feel it is something that you want to keep moving with spend 6 months with a life/business coach.

So if the economic uncertainties have you holding back initially from quitting your job and moving to a regional area look at it a different way and use the time for preparation and research.

Remember also, for the hard economic times to pass as quickly as possible we need to keep in mind the POWER of our wallets, of our spending. For money to work it needs to move around the economy, around society. By shopping with small family businesses you are keeping money moving instantly into the community. When money stops, people’s livelihoods and businesses stop too. So keep faith with your community and keep supporting local businesses.

So keep things happening in life and enjoy it! It’s Your Choice! 🙂

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