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Sharpening The Sword

Sharpening The Sword

When I was in the corporate world I had a manager who kept having regular team building activities for us – anything from sailing to presentations to build our skills.

Given I’d come from contracting and regularly changing roles every 3 – 6 months I found being involved in these activities really rewarding while the too cool for school team members complained about it taking them away from work (well not when we got to go sailing on Sydney harbour at least!).

I often have something come up to remind me of one of the presentation sessions and this week’s been the ‘Sharpening the Sword’ one.

Basically it’s about taking time from your work schedule to rejuventate so you’re sharper – to give yourself time to freshen up.

Now this can be by doing a course that’s directly or indirectly related to your work, going to a seminar, workshop or expo that gets you our of your regular routine.

Or it can be something on the personal side – having a holiday to recharge the batteries, learning a new skill, trying something different to get the brain working differently.

All of these activities give you a chance to freshen up and sharpen the sword – much more of a male way of phrasing something but still gets the message across.

For me I’ve just had time down at my parents, away from my routines, a chance to socialise and do some quilting. I’ve also helped mum with threading a loom and starting to learn about weaving from a talented expert. Mum keeps saying I’ll inherit the looms and spinning wheels and it finally occurred to me that unless I start taking an interest now it will be someone else teaching me the craft rather than my mum and that would be daft. I’d be much better learning from mum, the woman who keeps winning 1st and 2nd places for her creations at Ag shows.

The thing is, from all of this I not only got to spend quality time with mum but I also had a break to refresh my creative spirit and I’ve had more jewellery designs flowing.

The computer troubles of last month frustrated me deeply and stifled my creativity. Going to see a wonderful art exhibition had me coming home and making wonderful loop lariats with Jennifer Findlay beads I’ve had for months with South Australian opals, freshwater pearls and gemstones.

The lesson for me is to take time to step back and do things that are good for my spirit. It lets my creativity breathe and flourish.

So remember to do the things that enliven your spirit – you’ll feel so much better for it and be so much more productive! So sharpen the sword!

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