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Softening Hard Edges

Softening Hard Edges

This month I’ve had dearly loved friends visiting and staying, giving up time to really spend hours together again after years of snatching a tad of time here and there.

When you’ve known someone for 10 – 15 years you get to see them in all different lights, know what their real values and beliefs are and when they’re simply stirring for the fun of it.

You also get to see the changes in them and in yourself. And with the love you have for each other you can give compliments, observations, advice and perfectly considered gifts.

One of the things I’ve seen in the last week has been the coming into the own and hardening up of a character that doesn’t laugh enough, doesn’t play enough anymore of someone who taught me to be more playful with life.

Over a week together I found us laughing so hard we were crying, being quiet together as we watched strange fashions parade past at seaside cafes (I seriously think some fashion designers don’t like the people they are dressing) and talking about how we’ve thrived with the challenges our work brings.

I’ve come to see that with the busy, hectic lifestyle of running a home and business/job and getting on with everything that the spirit can take a battering.

It seems easier to recognise during challenging times that we need to take care of ourselves, to be kind to ourselves, our spirits but when life is just trundling along as normal it seems to be easy to forget that we need to lighten the load, have a good laugh, enjoy good meals, go for refreshing walks, to simply take time out and relax.

Enjoying and being good at being the boss of things is great but with the responsibility that comes with all of that it can be too easy to lose sight of what it’s like to have fun, to see that some personality edges are getting too hard and they’ll limit life and love for you if you let them keep hardening.

Time spent with friends and family that have known you and loved you for years can be a great reflection of your life and what’s happening. I’m so thankful I took time in the last month to be with those who can show me and tell me with love some home truths and I them.

It’s so much better being told gently and with love that you could be setting yourself to miss out on some really important things in life rather than looking back 20 years later with regrets and being told they saw it coming.
I’ve had some conversations about some really deeply personal issues with all of this but none of them were hurtful because they were done with trust, care, love and kindness.

If those things had been said in anger or frustration they would have hurt and little good would have come out of it. Nothing that you would want for someone you love.

So when you next have the chance to spend some really refreshing quality time with your friends and family be open to the good that can come out of it and remember to have a big belly laugh because they’re the best!

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