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Start Your Rat Race Escape Part Time

Start Your Rat Race Escape Part Time

I have quite a few conversations with women who are in the corporate world and are looking around with an interested eye towards the future. Then they look at me as see that I’ve escaped and wonder how it is possible for them.

From my vantage point you start making changes by taking the first steps. And usually they are little steps, they are about starting something part time and consistently working at it for 6 months and watching it grow.

The ShoppersBonus competition website is a great example of someone making a part time business grow into a successful alternative business.

A well designed website that makes it easy for people to navigate, find and has interesting things is a great way to start something part time and give it a real go, to work 4 – 10 hours a week on it, every week for 6 months and then step back and see how much you’ve achieved.

A website can sell tangible products like earrings but it can also offer a service and generate income through advertising on the website and in email newsletters, affiliate programs, e-courses and e- books.

The focus of the website, what’s it is all about, needs to be really interesting to you so you keep at it. So what’s your thing? What can you talk about really easily? Fashion, competitions, celebrity gossip, books, films, gadgets, babies, affirmations, shoes, makeup, bags, what do you love?

You can start with a blog, write a couple paragraphs (well punctuated and spell checked) with links to things you find cool online and with pictures (with permission) and you’re on your way.

Join the affiliate programs of the businesses you like their products and earn income from the referral business you send their way.

Send out regular email newsletters with news and pictures. You can include advertising from your newsletter sponsors and earn income from that.

Setup a PayPal account so people can easily buy spots on your newsletter and site.

Use Google Ads to increase income from the website so it ends up being self funding and other income streams turn into profit.

As you go along you’ll learn more and get better at it.

A really important part of the process is making your site really easy to find. There is no simple, one step way to do this and those spam emails saying their is and wanting you to give money to find out how much harm they can do your fledgling business are scams. They are friends of the Nigerian business man wanting your credit card number!

Happily it is quite easy to work consistently at building your site’s findability with good key words and working on an internet marketing plan.

I started my learning with an internet marketing course and it was the perfect way for me to get my head around things and get moving.

It is the consistent work on the project that makes the difference between success and nothing. You can build something up within a year that generates you $500, $1000, $5000 per week if you choose to.

Most people find an extra $500 – $1000 useful and inspiring to keep going. These amounts might also let you go part time at work or even leave the office job. It depends on what you are working towards.

Giving something a go and learning from a few mistakes makes more of a difference than putting something off again and again and wondering why you’re still in the rat race with increasing rents, mortgages and petrol prices.

So what if you make some mistakes or your first idea turns out to be something you move on from? It is the doing and giving it a go that matters. Sure, be sensible with your money. You might only have a $100 budget to get started with. That’s fine, start with a free blog and grow. Invest money into the project as it earns money.

One of the best things about internet marketing is that there are heaps of really cheap internet marketing tactics that are cheap and work. Try free classifieds for a start. Become a member of a topic specific forum or Yahoo Group and include links to your site in your signature.

You can create a website that is all about what you love having in your life, sell advertising in your newsletters and website, earn affiliate income and only really talk about what you love.

So give yourself some choices and give something a go!

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